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Aluminum blinds are a practical and stylish way of regulating the amount of light and heat coming into any room in your home. They’re simple yet striking, and give you effortless and responsive control over glare, shade and ambiance. Slats tilt open and close quickly and smoothly for immediate privacy and light control. Our easy rise, heavy duty controls lift and lower blinds with little effort. Select yours from 1”and 2” slat sizes to fit any size window perfectly.

A hard working decorative accessory you’ll enjoy year after year, our smart horizontal blinds provide a streamlined look.


Fawn 031

Albaster 112

White Satin 205

Black Satin Perforated 164

Brushed Aluminum Perforated 167


Brushed Aluminum Perforated 167

Flex White

Gloss White

Indigo Q8-415

Albaster 112

Beige 001

Black Q8-048

Char Brown 060

Milk Chocolate 060

Pale Pink 082

Pastel Green 039

Black Gloss 033

Black Satin 233

Indigo Q8-415

Albaster 112

Chinese Red 020

Gulf Blue 017

Tan 093

Vanilla 001

Smokey Gray 026

Almost White 065

Withe Gloss 005

Texture Aluminum 064

White Perforated 101

Alabaster Q8-002

Bronze Q8-064

Withe Gloss 005

Char Brown 062

Aluminum 034

Alabaster Q8-002

Nocturne Blue

Garnet Red 106

Magnolia Perforated 518

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